Why this name?
The name for this ministry is derived from Haggai chapter 2 which tells about Zerubbabel being selected to rebuild the temple in Jerusalem.  He was to lead the people back to the land where they had been removed and restore the temple. 

The word “arukah” (pronounced ar-oo-kah”) is the Hebrew word for restoration but also means healing and hope.  With restoration come healing and hope and so they all three go together.

Years ago, a ministry like this one was started by one of our leaders called Hawk Ministries.  The Hebrew word for hawk is nets (pronounced “nates”).  Interestingly this also corresponds to our English word “nets”.

Thus, the first word of our name means both Hawks and Nets indicating a dualism to the actions of the hawk which attacks and the net which gathers.

We see times where we will need to take an offensive posture to come against the works of the enemy while at the same time gathering in the souls and lives of those we have been called to; all the while maintaining their cultural values and unique place within God’s family.

Why do this?

Much as Zerubbabel was called to restore the temple in Israel after it had been destroyed by the conquering armies of Nebuchadnezzar, we see the restoration of people groups (which too have been destroyed by conquering armies) as a vital link to healing our lands and ushering in a spiritual revival throughout our lands.

One of the areas that is mentioned often in Biblical Scriptures of the New Testament relates to this ministry of restoration and reconciliation.  This doesn’t mean that everything will be exactly as it was before but that there will be a restoration of these groups in a manner that reflects their place and identifies them as the unique group they are.

Just as with Zerubbabel, the temple he completed was not the same as the one prior; but nevertheless, it represented the people and established them once more as a nation.  This was vital and we believe that the restoration of the indigenous people and those who have been oppressed is vital for the healing of our lands.

We believe that there is a connection between the indigenous people and the land.  This connection goes back to the Dispersion of the Nations at the Tower of Babel and it is vital for us to maintain their individual language, culture and identity as a people group.

We believe that much of the racial problems and violence we see in our lands are directly connected to the restoration of the indigenous people groups.  There is a reason that these groups still exist among us today and that much of their language and culture has survived despite the efforts of man to eliminate them and their identity.  We believe that the hand of God preserved a remnant of them just as He did so with Israel.

This connection is also vital for the land which was first settled by these indigenous groups and, as such, there is a spiritual connection between them and the land which must be restored for the Spirit of God to flow freely throughout the land.
Forgiveness and repentance are vital parts of this effort and must be shown as well as given.  In addition, love is the key to restoration and must remain the cornerstone of all we endeavor to do.

Prayer is also a vital part of what is needed both for direction, guidance, as well as, boldness which will allow for God’s Spirit to work both in and through us as we go.

The current work:
Things we are planning to accomplish:
  • Quarterly trips to the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota
  • Purchase of a 15 to 17-foot trailer for transportation of goods and materials to the Reservation as well as to disaster areas for relief efforts
  • Short term mission trips abroad: Costa Rica, India, Liberia, Tanzania, and some other locales
  • Establishment of prayer walks in every major city and community in this region and ultimately throughout this nation (We currently are in four cities: Springfield, Dayton, Grandview and Urbana)
  • City wide outreaches involving groups of local churches working together to proclaim the Good News to their community
  • Establishment of a 24-hour prayer and healing center where people may come to receive physical and spiritual healing as well as a Victim Relief Center (VRC) where victims of various injustices may come to find rest for their souls
  • Teaching and training courses which focus more on the spiritual in terms of the gifts of the Holy Spirit but also on the spiritual realm – looking beyond the veil; as well as courses on life style evangelism and establishment of prayer walks within our communities
  • Establishing outreach program with churches and assisting them with their current outreach activities and networking them with other churches and other organizations to create a united and yet diversified “army” to confront the enemy in their community and to come together under the banner of love to change the face of that community
  • Identification and targeting of spiritual principalities and power which dominate a community or region and focusing prayers upon those areas and working on the ground with spiritual leaders of that community to overcome them
  • “Reach the unreachable”: Targeting of people groups, places and areas often ignored by the Church (such as, the elderly, nursing homes, mental health facilities, jails, “the bad side of town”, gangs, bars and so forth) and focusing on those area and groups as we interact within various communities

So how are the three main areas broken down?
We mentioned above about the three areas of ministry: Restoration, Healing and Hope.  Below is a breakdown showing the specific area and a brief description of each.

Restoration Areas:
Haggai 2 Ministry: Outreach to Native Americans (Key verses Haggai 2:20-23)
Acts 2 Ministry: Encouragement, Worship and Prayer (Key verses Acts 2:42-47)
Acts 9 Ministry: Community Outreach (Key verse Acts 9:31)

Healing Areas:
1 Corinthians 12 Ministry: Teaching of spiritual beings and Spiritual Gifts (Key verses
 1 Corinthians 12:1-11)
1 John 4 Ministry: Outreach as a Lifestyle (Key verse 1 John 4:8)
Matthew 25 Ministry: Church Outreach Development (Key verses Matthew 25:31-40)

Hope Areas:
Luke 10 Ministry: Prayer Walks (Key verses Luke 10:1-12)
Acts 13 Ministry: Missions (foreign and domestic) (Key verses Acts 13:2-5)
John 15 Ministry: A Servant’s Heart (Acts of service) (Key verses John 15:1-27)

So as you can see within each area are these sub-areas of ministry to further enhance those main areas to which we are called.

How can you help?
Pray for us and the work God has us do.

We are always looking for others to join us and if Holy Spirit is speaking to you to do so please contact us and let’s talk about it.

For us to travel from our home base in Ohio to the Dakotas a lot must happen.  Many of us work full time jobs and so we must schedule time off as well as gather resources to go there.
We are always in need for financial support.  So, any monetary support is always appreciated.  Currently, we do not have non-profit tax-exempt status; however, we are in process of doing so but this does take some time.  However, if the Lord lays this upon your heart to give to this ministry we are certain that He will also provide for those exemptions you may require.

In addition to financial needs, the trips to the Reservations typically require supplies of some sort from building materials for projects we have on-going or simply for food, clothing or other items we may be taking out to the people for them to use.  These needs will typically be issued prior to our leaving but we are also open to collecting any such items like that which you may currently have.

One of the major items we are hoping to purchase soon is a trailer for transporting these supplies as well as for sleeping/living quarters while we travel from place to place.  The front half would be for housing and the back half for storage.  We hope to raise around $5,000 for this.

Finally, if you would like us to come to your church or group and speak about the work, we are doing we would love to do so; or if you would like us to begin a prayer walk in your community please contact us.  Furthermore, if you are interested in learning more about our Spiritual Awareness Program we would love to talk with you about that and go over the details of that program with you.

In Christ,
Thomas M. Lauber, Sr – CEO